SOMATIC Therapeutic Retreat 2024 IN PORTUGAL

Join us on a 5-Day Integrative Therapeutic retreat in portugal

You will discover ways to move away from the spiralling loop tape in your mind and bring you back into your body. You will be guided through workshops and somatic practices, including transformational breathwork, and leave the retreat armoured with resources on how to activate the changes you’ve discovered into your life. You will also have access to one to one support before and after the retreat. An intimate and exclusive retreat truly designed for and around your growth and healing.

Become the creator of your life!

Disconnect from the digital world & daily effort and reconnect with your Heart, Body, and Soul.

17-21 April 2024

somatic retreat, breathwork, yoga, portugal

Therapeutic Somatic Retreat for sustainable change

Immerse yourself in an all-inclusive retreat experience designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Begin your journey with a pre-retreat somatic coaching session, setting the stage for personal growth and self-discovery. Throughout your stay, enjoy comfortable accommodations amidst the serene backdrop of our farm, with delectable meals, snacks, and beverages provided. 

Engage in private moments of reflection and guidance with our experienced somatic coaches and psychotherapists, as they support you on your path to transformation. Delve into our retreat program, which blends therapeutic breathwork, somatic psychotherapy, and coaching interventions to facilitate deep healing and growth. Enhance your learning with integration visuals, educational materials, and thoughtful gifts. 

After the retreat, engage in a post-retreat integration session and receive a personalized Transformational Roadmap to guide your post-retreat journey. Further, embark on a 3-month online Integration Program featuring exercises from the retreat, therapeutic breathwork training, and tailored interventions based on the results of your Transformational Roadmap, all accessible through our user-friendly online platform. Immerse yourself in a complete and empowering experience that extends beyond the retreat itself.


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A Unique Immersive Experience

This retreat is a process of insight and inner transformation. Our program is a unique combination of guided experiential processes (morning practices, daytime workshops and experiences and ‘conscious conversation’ circles), somatic practices (transformational breathwork, movement and embodied exercises), and space to pause (time to focus on journaling, walking in the nature of the Quinta and building your inner resources). You will leave with an enriched inner sense of resourcefulness to take back to your life in the real world.

Unlike many retreats, we truly are an intimate offering. Never more than 12 participants, this exclusive intimacy sets the scene for deeper and more meaningful connections. It also enables us to tailor the experience to your individual needs and allows you to have one to one time with your two facilitators. This personalised approach results in more internal resonance for you. Every voice is heard and celebrated at our retreat. You will co-regulate with each other, you will belong and feel supported.

This retreat includes a pre-retreat somatic coaching session, individual support during the five days at the Quinta and a supportive and integrative post-retreat coaching or therapy session. We find that retreats can often be a wonderful ‘time out’ from the hustle of daily life, but the nourishment you felt there is hard to carry back into reality. We want to change this, and help you discover resources that will sustain your growth long into the future. The specially crafted workshop programme and the private 1:1 sessions will support you in doing this.

This retreat will be guided by two facilitators: Joanna Januszewicz who is a certified breathing coach, mental health practitioner, and body-centred psychotherapist, and Meryl Rowlands an accredited somatic coach whose approach is based in the teachings of Hakomi, Gestalt and person-centred psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology and embodied cognition. We understand the importance of safety and trust in doing this type of inner work.

This immersive retreat is a time for deep insight and inner work, as well as a time for rest, reflection and restoration. Letting the body decompress and reorganise back to its natural biorhythm. You will take a deep break from your busy life and immerse your senses in the world of embodied self-awareness. You will walk in nature, rest in peace, easefully learn and expand your understanding of yourself. We encourage journaling throughout your stay and have crafted the programme to allow for much self-reflection and slowing down.

This is the place to allow your-full-self to be taken care of, to be healed and nurtured. To really surrender in the cocoon and luxury of the Quinta Carvalhas, or ‘The Green Farm’. You’ll experience the calming rhythm of nature, combined with the supportive energy of the immersive retreat. Your senses will be awakened, activated and nourished by the natural surroundings, the organic spaces to learn and grow in, the body-nourishing dining experiences and the safety of your new home for five days.

 The retreat offers a holistic blend of workshops and somatic practices, including transformational breathwork, designed to facilitate deep self-reflection and healing. This integrative approach helps attendees move beyond mental loops and reconnect with their bodies, fostering a profound sense of well-being.



from your inner self, emotions, and body and seek a deeper connection and understanding


burnout, and the overwhelming pressure of daily responsibilities and societal expectations


away from the monotony of living on autopilot, ready to connect with your heart and emotions


often feeling unsure and disconnected from your intuition and emotional guidance


trauma, and limiting beliefs that hinder your personal growth and happiness, looking for ways to release and renew your energy

Location/retreat venue

A peaceful haven to restore & rejuvenate

We can’t wait to show you the beautiful and luxurious Quinta Carvalhas in Santarém, Portugal. A rolling landscape, gorgeous old stone buildings, plenty of trees and a lot of history. It was created to realise a lifelong dream of the owners: to create a place of tranquility, beauty and connection. A home for therapy and restoration. What better setting than this, to come and immerse yourself in its arms as you expand, learn, grow and flourish.

It is only an hour from the Lisbon airport and 90 minutes to the Atlantic Ocean. This ideal location is complemented by ideal weather, with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies.

A big part of Quinta Carvalhas is the food grown, prepared and served to the guests. There is genuine delight and surprise that vegetarian food can be so incredibly tasty. The tastiest food with the best possible ingredients to leave you feeling nourished and nurtured.

Find more information about the venue here.

How to Get there

For those arriving at Lisbon Airport (LIS) there is a direct metro link from Lisbon Airport to the Train Station Lisbon-Oriente (3 stations) with an hourly service to the nearest stop to the venue, Mato de Miranda ~ total journey about 1 hour 20 mins.

We will pick you up from the train station.

Rooms Available
Shared room


Shared Room. Twin or double bed.

Our luxurious rooms are individually decorated and full of history and charm. Our rooms feature en-suite bathrooms, the other 6 rooms share one bathroom per two bedrooms. Rooms are divided over three different areas of the farm.

private room


Private Single Room.

Our luxurious rooms are individually decorated and full of history and charm. Our rooms feature en-suite bathrooms, the other 6 rooms share one bathroom per two bedrooms. Rooms are divided over three different areas of the farm.

Air-conditioning,  Wifi,  Garden,  Library,  Pool,  Spa,  Yoga Shack/Deck


Indulge in a nourishing culinary experience at our retreat, where we serve delicious homegrown meals designed to fuel your body with wholesome nutrition. You will be offered daily servings of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. We cater to diverse dietary preferences, ensuring everyone’s needs are met with options such as Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Nut-allergy-friendly, Organic, Vegan, and Vegetarian choices. Embrace a wellness journey that not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports your individual dietary requirements.

All-Inclusive Content


Prior to the retreat, indulge in a one-to-one online somatic coaching session with our experienced guide, Meryl, setting the stage for a profound exploration of self.

During 5-day retreat

Immerse yourself in our personalized program offering one-on-one sessions with a somatic coach or somatic psychotherapist. Explore the transformative journey from Conceptual Self-Awareness to Embodied Self-Awareness through The Eight Stages, navigating the Map of Consciousness and Stages of Human Evolution. Redefine healing, transformation, and consciousness expansion while understanding Integration and Embodiment. Delve into Breath Analysis, uncovering breathing patterns and their impact on the body. Address emotional release and body somatization, tackling trapped emotions, suppression, repression, and stuck energy. Explore the mechanics of reactivity, discerning between react and respond, and navigating triggers and projections. Embrace daily experiences such as therapeutic breathwork sessions, somatic exercises, and meditations. Enjoy exclusive accommodations with all-inclusive food and beverages within the serene confines of our dedicated farm space. Transform shadows into gifts on this holistic and enriching journey.


Continue your journey of growth and integration with optional one-to-one online somatic coaching or therapy sessions with Meryl or Joanna. Plus, take home unique Integration Visuals (an AI-generated image crafted by Meryl, to serve as a visual reminder of your transformative experience) and a 3-month online Integration Program (online platform: exercises form the retreat plus therapeutic breathwork training and customized interventions based on the results of the Transformational Roadmap).


Retreat Daily Program

Meet Your Instructors/Trainers

joanna januszewicz


Joanna is a Portugal-based certified breathing coach, mental health practitioner, and body-centred psychotherapist. 

The desire to discover the power of breath brought her to pack up her suitcase and travel the globe to learn unique methods of using breath for healing purposes.

In India, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, and Austria, Joanna trained and learned different modalities, all of which she uses in her practice. Her approach is to combine the mind, body, and spirit for holistic healing.

Joanna also trained in advanced Somatic Bodywork for trauma release and self de–armouring, which she incorporates in her practice to help clients notice physical sensations that stem from mental health issues and use that awareness to work through painful emotions.

She travels worldwide as a breathing coach and facilitator, providing trainings to individuals, guiding clients to transform their experiences and, equipping them with the tools needed to experience greater self-awareness, a clearer mind, and a deeper connection to their bodies.

meryl rowlands

Meryl Rowlands is an accredited somatic coach whose approach is based in the teachings of Hakomi, Gestalt and person centred psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology and embodied cognition.

After 13 years in the legal industry, Meryl retrained as a somatic coach with the world’s first ICF-accredited body-oriented coaching school (The Somatic School, London). Under her somatic and mindfulness business Co-Curious, Meryl has been working with clients one to one, and also facilitates self-development workshops for couples and individuals, since 2021.

We all have the innate creativity and resourcefulness to support ourselves in our own growth. However, it’s hard to know where to start on your journey of self-reflection and self-discovery, and to find the time. Meryl’s vision is to help you carve that time to start building towards better embodied self-awareness. Most importantly, Meryl believes that the most sustainable change results from the practice of integration. After doing the hard work of exploring yourself, taking the time to crystallise, embed and empower yourself to integrate this shift in understanding into your life.

Meryl is based in Lisbon and her core values of Connection, Growth, Freedom and Play drive and influence her work.

As part of a recent project, Meryl has been supporting clients in their post-session integration by providing them with a digital image. Where a client has shared their imaginary visuals during a session, Meryl takes detailed notes and creates a digital representation of what the client internally ‘saw’. Externalising the client’s somatic experience, into a tangible image for them to takeaway, helps to embed the shifting and evolving self-awareness for the client.

You can find Meryl on Instagram or Substack 


Possibility to come earlier or book an additional integration stay, get a therapeutic massage or a horse therapy treatment.

What are somatics? The Greek word ‘soma’ means body. Somatic experiences are practices that are body-oriented, where the focus is on the whole self (mind and body). Western traditions keep us circling in our heady conceptual self-awareness (as opposed to embodied self-awareness) and over time we’ve developed this unhelpful distinction between mind and body.

The world of somatics has discovered that staying in conceptual self awareness – in those areas of the brain – will never solve the problems you might face in life. You have to invite the whole body into the conversation.

Our bodies speak to our brains – bottom up thinking we call it – via different types of nerves. Actually most of the information we use to react, understand our environment, relate to each other and grow as people is bottom up thinking.

In somatic practices, the body is seen as a living laboratory. By learning to interpret bodily sensations we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

If we get to know our sensations and signals in the body, become more attuned to this we can tap into the subtle clues our bodies are sending us. That gut instinct for example – what it’s telling you about what you really want and need in life.

Neuroscientific studies have even shown that our experiences leads to changes in the brain’s structure and functioning, affecting areas responsible for memory, emotion regulation, and stress response.

Integrating this type of new understanding of yourself (in your body) takes effort and exploration. Once we can do that exploration though we will have laid the groundwork for living more congruent lives, dealing with actual issues in the here and now rather than ruminating on the untrue rubbish our minds keeps us stuck in. We can instead find joy and pleasure, connect with each other and all that other good stuff we yearn for in life.

As complex organic beings the understanding is we all have the natural ability and processes to perceive, learn, reason, solve problems, and adapt to our environments. Our ‘organic intelligence’ results from the interactions between our brain, nervous system and physiological and psychological factors.

Our natural biology works in ON and OFF – heart squeezes and releases, we are awake or asleep, we breathe in and out. And much much more on a complex and subtle level we aren’t aware of.

We have a natural biorhythm that in our ON ON ON world has been slowly forgotten, buried, forced out of rhythm. We are addicted to ON and to internalised struggle. Away from the here and now.

We are tired so we pump caffeine into ourselves. We’re can’t focus and yet we sit for hours at our desks squeezing more productivity out of ourselves. A headache is coming on and we take a pill and go out to dinner at a loud restaurant.

We push and squish and force our bodies to stay ON. We dampen the nuanced, subtle but ever present signals of our bodies. We ignore the signs and flags that our biology is yelling out to us.

We have this natural innate resource to return to our natural biorhythm. We just need to pause, slow down and listen to our bodies. Let them lead for a while. Trust in its wisdom.

It’s understood that embodied self-awareness (instead of just the heady conceptual self-awareness) is made up on 8 stages – resources, slowing down, verbalisation, co-regulation, boundaries, self-regulation, re-engagement, letting go.

During this retreat you will learn these stages in an experiential way to bring you into a better relationship with your body and launch you further along the path of embodied self-awareness.

  • All the healing sessions over the course of the 5 days
  • 11 Vegetarian Meals, snacks, desserts, coffee, tea, water (dinner on arrival evening, breakfast, lunch, dinner on 2nd, 3rd and 4th day and breakfast on 5th day )
  • Full accommodation for 4 nights at Quinta Carvalhas, Portugal
  • Free access to outdoor space, pool, horse farm, coffee, tea, drinks at Quinta Carvalhas during 5 days of the retreat
  • Pick up from the train station
  • Welcome drink and snacks
  • Pre and post retreat support from our team
  • Wifi connection
  • Parking
  • Luggage storage
  • Airport transfer
  • Travel insurance
  • Flights costs
  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary
  • Additional treatments
  • Travel costs to Quinta Carvalhas, Portugal

We recommend you take travel insurance covering for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, as well as cancellation and curtailment.

If you cancel your participation 60 days (or more days) prior to the event, you are eligible to request a full refund minus the deposit (non-refundable).

Cancellations 59 to 30 days prior to arrival date: partial refund of 20% of payments received.

Cancellations 29 days or less prior to arrival date : no refund of any payments received.

Please Note: Travel Insurance, travel costs and gratuities for staff are not included in the registration fee.

This retreat will be conducted in English, ensuring accessibility for participants from diverse backgrounds to engage in a shared journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Certainly! After the retreat, you’ll receive a bonus package, including 1 month access to Online course and Mental Health app – Cognitive Restructuring as well as 1 month access to Mental Health app – Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a post-retreat online session with your trainers.

Yes! if you book on or before 15.02.2024 you can access out Early Bird discount.

Early Bird Shared Room price: €1290

Early Bird Private Room price: €1560

Book ASAP to get this discount

To book your spot, a €500 non-refundable deposit is required.

The remaining balance is due on or before 15.03.2024.

Please aim to arrive between  2.30pm-3.00pm on 17 April 2024. Day activities will start shortly after. 

Connect with us and prepare yourself for a magical and transformative retreat to discover who you truly are!

Participant Reviews

“A truly transformational and enjoyable experience! Both facilitators made me feel so comfortable as it was my first retreat of this kind! I was able to let go and participate fully! I would definitely recommend them both and the retreat! Thank you! I loved it” Feizin

This is a retreat like no other just fantastic. Joana are amazing doing what they do. Amazing Experience feeds your soul. The homemade food was delicious. Thanks a lot for this great experience! I can only recommend this retreat, will uplift your spirits and put a smile on your face 😊 I am planning to come back for another visit!” Thoma

Thanks for all beautiful people and for this deep journey. This retreat was really therapeutic, thanks to everyone for the sharing and a special thanks to the facilitators ❤️ It was a big change here 🙏😊 I trust the path too ❤️💋” Inês

transformational retreat

Experience transformative healing at our Therapeutic Retreat 2024 in Portugal, where transformational breathing, somatic practices, and counseling converge. In the tranquil Portuguese setting, you’ll dive into breathwork and somatics, guided by experts to unlock emotional healing and self-awareness. This retreat is an invitation to explore your inner self, offering tools for stress relief and personal growth. Join us for a journey of discovery and transformation in the heart of Portugal, where you’ll find balance and rejuvenation through the power of breath and body awareness

Breathwork and Emotional Release Retreat


It is a unique retreat that brings together integrative therapies  and  healing techniques from  bioenergetics  and breathwork to somatic coaching and somatic psycho- therapy and consciousness expansion.

At our retreat, you will learn and practice breathwork and psycho-somatic therapies as well as immerse in body wisdom  to wake up the Presence in you and to connect with the true power of nature within.

You will understand the power of emotions and subconscious programming and how they can deeply impact our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. We offer a safe and supportive environment for you to explore and release any suppressed emotions, trauma, or pain that may be holding you back from living your fullest life.


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